Mundomedis Acquires Medical Vision AB, Nakka Sweden, an Innovative Arthroscopy Pump Manufacturer.

Mundomedis has acquired 97.42% of the total outstanding shares of Medical Vision AB, Nakka Sweden.

Medical Vision AB is the manufacturer of a highly innovative arthroscopy double pump, with a patented “Smart Vision” technology. 

SmartVision automatically adjusts the pressure and flow when blood or debris is detected during surgery and can differentiate between blood and debris and adjust fluid pressure and flow rate accordingly. When the sensor detects blood, the pressure is increased in steps. When the bleeding stops the pressure gradually decreases to its original setting. If the sensor detects debris, the flow rate is increased, until debris is flushed out and the surgeon again has a clear field of vision.​ The Medical Vision business will be integrated into Mundomedis’ Insightra Medical operations and Medical Vision will seize operation, expected by the end of 2022.