Mundomedis Successfully Negotiates Manufacturing and License Agreement with Chinese Manufacturer on Behalf of TTC LLC

Mundomedis successfully negotiated a China license and manufacturing agreement for Through The Chords LLC (TTC), Salt Lake City Utah, USA.

As a part of the license agreement, TTC has received a six figure equity investment and will be able to optimize its global manufacturing cost significantly.

TTC is the inventor of the “Total Control Introducer” a dynamic intubation introducer.  Tracheal intubation remains difficult and dangerous. The 3rd most common medical procedure in the US, with over 30 Million performed each year. The cost of intubation complications is over $5B in increased medical care. Currently, 87% of failed intubations in the emergency department and ICU are due to the inability to direct the endotracheal tube into the trachea.

Designed to take full advantage of the superior view provided by video laryngoscopes, the “Total Control Introducer”, allows dynamic tip control and is designed to make the most difficult airways easy to navigate. Once in the trachea, an intuitive depth control system allows precise tip depth control throughout the intubation.

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